About Performance Horse Work

Horses that perform successfully at the highest levels are required to be in peak physical condition. Whether your horse is an endurance athlete, polo pony, a four-star eventer or a grand prix dressage horse, it is essential that any veterinary issues are addressed early to allow them to perform at their absolute maximum.

Sub-clinical disease or chronic low-grade lameness are common reasons for reduced performance. It can take an experienced eye to assess the subtleties of such conditions and reach a diagnosis. Using our experience, together with the latest in diagnostic technology, we can offer comprehensive poor performance assessment.

In order to investigate poor performance issues we not only have wireless digital radiography, upper airway endoscopes and top-quality ultrasound scanners we can also offer video gastroscopy and dynamic endoscopy. All of these can be carried out at your own premises.

Stomach ulceration is a potential cause of reduced performance and weight loss. Video gastroscopy allows us to examine the lining of the stomach to diagnose ulceration and then monitor the success of treatment protocols.

Airway problems can also limit performance. While routine endoscopy allows us to view the larynx at rest and assess the condition of your horse's airway, many conditions present only intermittently during exercise. Dynamic overland endoscopy allows us to scope your horse at exercise. This can be an invaluable tool in reaching a definitive diagnosis and the first step towards resolving your horse's problem and improving performance.

Blood parameters can give us a wealth of information regarding your horse's health and the effects of exercise. For example, sub-clinical tying up post exercise can be a major cause of reduced performance. We run muscle enzymes in-house, giving us immediate information and allowing us to commence treatment without delay.

Our aim is to get your horse back out there performing at the peak of their ability without delay.

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