Farm Animal Test List

Test DescriptionTurnaround TimeSamples Required
Worm Egg Count (Sodium Nitrate flotation by McMaster Method)Same dayFaeces (single or pooled); PM ileo-caecal contents
Fluke Egg Count (Zinc Sulphate flotation by McMaster Method)Same dayFaeces (single or pooled)
Lungworm (Baermann method)24 hours from receiptFaeces (single or pooled)
Salmonella (Selective & enrichment culture for Salmonella spp.)2 - 3 daysFaeces, Rectal Swab, PM GI contents 
Campylobacter (Selective culture for Campylobacter spp.)2 - 5 daysFaeces, Rectal Swab, PM GI contents 
Cryptosporidium (Modified Ziehl-Neeson stain for Cryptosporidium oocysts)Same dayFaeces
Johnes Smear (AFB stain for Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis)[MAP]Same dayFaeces
Anthrax Smear (Methylene Blue stain for Bacillus anthracis)Same dayBlood Smear
Babesia Smear (Detection of Babesia spp. in Red Blood Cells)Same dayBlood Smear
Mastitis (Aerobic culture for key mastitis pathogens)2 daysMilk Samples (frozen/chilled/ambient - single or pooled)
Eye Swab (Aerobic and CO2 culture for causative organisms of ocular infections + Cytology)2 - 3 daysEye swab / Corneal scrape / Ocular discharge
Fungal Culture (Culture for filamentous fungi and yeasts)5 - 14 daysSwabs / Skin scrapes  / Corneal scrapes
Aerobic Culture (Aerobic culture from any site)2 - 3 daysCharcoal swab / Pus / Fluid
Anaerobic Culture (Anaerobic culture from sterile or non-sterile sites)2 - 5 daysCharcoal swab / Pus / Fluid
Dermatophyte Culture5 - 14 daysSkin scrapes / Hair plucks / Wool plucks
Ectoparasites (Microscopy for Lice/Mites)Same daySkin scrapes / Hair plucks / Wool plucks
Dermatophilosis (Microscopy for Dermatophilus congolensis)Same daySkin scrapes / Scabs
Sterile Fluid Analysis - Cytology (TP, TNCC, Cytology)Same dayEDTA
Tracheal Wash / BAL / TTA  - Cytology (TNCC, Cytology)Same dayEDTA

Sterile Fluid or Tracheal Wash / BAL / TTA - Full Profile

(TNCC, Cytology, Aerobic & CO2 culture + Anaerobic culture if indicated)

Cytology - same day

Culture - 2 - 5 days

 EDTA & Plain
Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing (AST for antimicrobials appropriate to species of host, site of infection & type of organism tested)24 hours from isolation of pathogenCulture of organism isolated from any other microbiology profile (per organism)
Urinalysis (USG, Dipstick, Sediment Microscopy & Aerobic culture)2 daysUrine - Cystocentesis / Free Catch / Catheter Sample
Full Haematology (CBC, Differential, PCV etc. with blood film exam if required)Same dayEDTA blood (& air dried blood film if required)
"Down Cow" Profile (Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus)Same dayClotted or Lithium Heparin Blood
"Muscle" Enzymes (AST, CK)Same dayClotted or Lithium Heparin Blood
Magnesium LevelsSame daySerum / Aqueous humour / Vitreous humour (please state which)

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